I showed six homes to some possible buyers and felt so sexy in these black boots and AE jeans. As I am showing the homes, I always present  (as I am professional real-estate agent) and its sexy how guys wont be looking at what I am showing them. I could not  tell you how many times I caught guys looking at my ass  today. I even caught a guy adjusting his self as if he was getting hard right there looking at me in front of his wife. I even caught some of the wives looking. LOL, what ever it takes to sell the home LOL,LOL,LOL

I loved my outfit today,these skin tight AE jeans and black leather boots got alot of attention today and made me feel in command.

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Anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm the guy from the bongofan page again. Could you please send a few private pictures to my old porn blog? I won't post them. Just for my personal use. I'll try to get on it as soon as I can and follow you too.

Whats the page again sweetie?

Anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm the guy that said that I used to masturbate to your bongofan account. I try to check your blog as frequently as possible but have been very busy with college lately. Thanks for helping me relieve some more stress today. ;) I'm actually doing it right now. I love your ass in hollister pants so much. It's diff to see a girl non nude. It makes a guy have an imagination. ;) Would like to see some "whale tail" type pictures from you! That'd be cool! :)

Aww sweetie, you love my ass huh. Thank you. If you want some privates hune you have to get on tumblr. I send privates to my followers on a reg.